As someone who lives with anxiety, wellbeing and self care are a huge part of my life. Getting Outdoors is one activity that keeps me sane, as is being creative (sewing and writing in particular) and settling down to read a good book with a cup of coffee and a cuddle from my dog.

In addition to my usual wellbeing routine, I also love experimenting with other self care favourites, from cold showers to reflexology, I am always up for trying the next big thing. Read all about it here:

I tried the Wim Hof Cold Shower Challenge

Someone that has been appearing on a lot of my social media feeds at the moment is a guy called Wim Hof, also know as The Ice Man. After doing some reading, I decided to try his 20 day cold shower challenge. (FYI, I started this in October/ November). The theory behind having a daily…

A word for the New Year.

The end of a year is always accompanied by end of year round ups. People reflecting on their highs and lows from the past 12 months. Last year, at the end of 2019, lots of people looked back at the previous decade, and were excited to see how 2020 would turn out. It may not…

Forty things before 40, (I do love a list!)

It was my birthday the other week. It’s been such a strange year for us all, but I had hoped, some might say naively, that come November I might end up with quite a normal birthday, (especially for me since a normal birthday is just going out for the day with my husband and eating…